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I was suddenly taken back to reality.

Last Sunday I went to hear the mass. Although I was supposed to listen, human as I am, I was dozing off to dreamland especially when the choir would sing the high-pitched songs. Seriously, why do they have to make Church songs so damn hard to sing for people like me who were not gifted?

Anyway, so I was off to the Land of Tra-la-la when I heard the priest utter words that placed a leashed around my consciousness and hurled me back to rejoin my body to realize that I was still attending Mass. The words he said were, “The heart is at the center of our chest. But it leans toward the left. Thus making the heart not always right.”

He explained it together with the Beatitudes. Like how the beatitudes told us that the poor were blessed but in our reality we consider them with pity and think that being rich would be equal to being blessed.

But I was not that interested with his sermon about the connection of the heart and the beatitudes. Upon hearing his words my mind started reeling and contemplating. I was amazed how a simple observation  like that could bear so much truth and could be related to so many things in our lives.

His words made me feel glad because there were mysteries and interesting information for me to know.  The thought made me laugh at myself for not giving importance to such a tiny detail. The words made me remember one of Socrates’ famous lines, “Wisest is she who knows she does not know”. I don’t mean I am the wisest but I am actually humbled and truly, such words strengthened my belief that there’s a higher being.

So now, I leave to you what the priest told us in the mass, “The heart is at the center of our chest. But it leans toward the left. Thus making the heart not always right.” Read it. Interpret it. Even forget about it. But we can never deny it.



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