Volvo XC60

It was dead. Black, bruised, battered. The instant pain turned to shock as blood tried to escape from its confines. It was dead and excruciatingly painful.

That was how I felt when I accidentally, note it was never my intention, killed my left thumbnail. And yes, I am guilty. It was when my cardigan’s sleeve latched onto the hook of my Aunt’s Volvo when I already pushed the door to close it… and just with a sudden door click and the realization that my thumb was stuck in between heavy metals, and that I killed my nail.

But I had to pay for it dearly. The pain the came next from the onslaught of blood clotting within the confines of my nail was beyond my imagination. It was like another heart beating inside the small space. It felt like digging and breathing. Persistent to let me feel its retribution. It even showed its ugly face of turning my thumb black and blue. As if I painted it with black nail polish.

Its vengeance was even sweeter as I was not armed with the proper knowledge to battle with it. I had the outdated one which was to put it under cold compress. That was supposed to be step two.

After talking with some carpenters who saw my ugly left thumb, they told me that whenever they hammer on their fingernails (and it didn’t bled on its own) they would immediately prick it with a nail or anything sharp to make it bleed. This way the blood rushing would be able to go out and this would ease the dumb, drilling pain I had experience. Add that it wouldn’t turn that darker shade of black I also had.

Plus, I wouldn’t have to experience waiting for the blood to clot inside, wait for it to dry 1 more month and then be obliged to cut it until the roots when it was chipping out. Indeed, revenge is sweeter when served cold and in small biting pieces.

So, as for the people reading this. You have been warned. When you slam something on your finger or toenails and it didn’t bleed on its own prick it with a sterilized sharp object before placing it under cold compress. It would make your life so much easier. But then again at least I have proven the theory that Volvo has great quality. It could even kill a fingernail with just a snap.