Nudity is not an option. The philosophy of side A & side B is also not accepted*. Especially if you’re traveling international.

I must admit that I am a heavy packer and I blame this for being trained to foresee things that might happen and that will not be according to my travel plans.  I’m a follower of the girl scout motto of being “laging handa” (i.e. always ready). Though I’ve never joined the club in my entire school years but at least I’m a true believer of their motto.

Anyway, so trying to pack things that will give the assurance that I have everything, even for most unexpected situations,  and put them inside 2 luggage bags is a mind-boggling feat. This specially applies when you’re going around places with different kinds of weather. Try being in place where there’s always a heat-wave, then go next to a chilly mountainside, then drive to a humid seaside area and then tour around a place where Autumn is beginning… and while being in all those places you try to dress properly and accordingly. Although mixing & matching will solve this problem somehow… but not all the time… especially if you want to be photographed wearing different styles in every photo album you upload in your Facebook / Myspace account.

Another luggage stressor is when you meet with friends and with other people and they tend to give you a lot of stuffs as souvenirs. It doesn’t matter what kind of things but they will give you stuffs and it can make your 2 bags turn into 4 heavy luggage and you’re not even halfway with your itinerary! What you can do here is give away some of your original stuffs as souvenirs also ^_^ That way you create space for the things they will give you. Just be prepared to say ‘bye-bye’ to your things. A tip here, don’t bring things that you know you cannot part with.

In addition, bringing liquids is a problem. You have to settle for stuffs that have non-liquid counterparts (e.g. bar soap) and wrap tightly all the liquid stuffs you cannot avoid bringing. This is because liquids tend to weigh more with their packaging and some evaporates inside their bottles due to the heat inside the airplane’s baggage area. Best advice here, if you’re staying for a long time in a single destination… allocate some of your budget, include the tax rate, to buy liquid-based basic necessities from that place. This will save you the baggage space during your trip but not sacrifice your personal hygiene for the duration of your travel.

Vanity items also pose a serious challenge… majority for girls. How are you suppose to chuck your make-ups, lotions, hair removal treatments & tools, napkins/tampons, panty liners, etc in an organized manner? My mother would usually insert these things around the extra spaces in her luggage bags but that method does not suit me. Since the moment she opens her bag all the small stuffs will be placed on dresser (luckily if there’s one) or inside the bathroom (if there’s a lot of flat space) or just beside her luggage bags (if the first two options are not available). It will just be a total mess of girly things all around the place. However, I’m not saying that my mother’s method does not work. It does when it’s crunch time but I just don’t prefer it.

Preparing your luggage based on your itinerary and your style poses a big problem / stressor all the time. You need to choose the things you will bring and plan ahead to leave enough space in your bags to give leeway to the things you might buy during your travel. Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars in paying for you extra bags. Another tip will be to learn the Bundle Wrapping technique. Just google it and a lot of websites will teach you how to do it and its benefits and as for me it works.

(*For the people who don’t know what side A & side B is… it’s when you wear the one side of your clothes/underwear in a day and will wear the other side of the same clothes/underwear the next day. Unsanitary… obviously. Disgusting… you don’t have to tell me.)